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A nice day at Ft. Rosecrans this morning, 9/9.

As reported by Nick Barber, he had the Ovenbird and Magnolia Warbler this morning.  The Magnolia was seen by more than a half dozen other people but the Ovenbird had stage fright.  After Nick saw it, it again ended up along the west fence line, just North of the dip, but a bit South from where he saw it, and again, flew east towards large pine where it disappeared in the fog.  To my knowledge, the Ovenbird never turned up again.  Besides those birds, there was a Male Rosebreasted Grosbeak just barely north of where the Magnolia was, by the main road, on the west side, and north of the dip.  Another possible female type Rosebreasted, (Though the bill looked flesh colored top and bottom, but was still in the bush and flew before it gave me another look).  The Tropical Kingbird was near the information building by the first west entrance, Another possible female type.  I had a White-winged dove in the North/east loop in a Chinese Elm, and 2 White-breasted Nuthatches on separate ends of the cemetery.  There were two Black-headed Grosbeaks, 1 still almost bright Western Tanager and a bunch of flycatchers.  A visit last night yielded the most flycatchers I have seen in San Diego including the Dusky Flycatcher.

Mark and Camille Stratton
North Park

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports