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a little Louisiana Waterthrush info

2:35 pm

I haven’t been yet to look for the Louisiana Waterthrush, but plan on doing so tomorrow early AM, but just thought I’d mention that this bird is very likely going to try to winter at this site, or at least very close by. This species is a very early fall migrant, so a bird in early November is very likely already at a wintering site. Also, a stream in the mountains is just like where they winter in southeast Arizona or Middle America, and where they winter in Arizona gets likewise cold at night in winter. So it “probably” isn’t leaving anytime soon, although obviously never say never, and a potential problem is what sort of access (viewing) is there of this creek other than from this one foot bridge, so if the bird moves just 100-200 yards, will it ever get seen again?! It should also be said that most (though not all) Louisianas are rather shy and can easily be spooked, so best to give the favored area a good buffer while looking for it. Perhaps this bird is different? Folks who saw it today could address that issue, as well as if there are other vantage points for viewing the creek other than the one foot bridge.
The only previous county record was of a silly bird that wintered in early 1990 in a small cement-lined ditch on the UCSD campus, and which would periodically disappear way inside a culvert.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego