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a couple odds and ends, including Orchard Oriole

1:15 pm

On Friday, the Pacific Golden-Plover still with a fair bit of alternate plumage was back on “stint island” at the end of 10th St. with Black-bellieds and Red Knots. This is presumably the same bird that was first seen at J Street on 8 August but which has spent most of its time since then at Silver Strand State Beach and vicinity. An imm. female Vermilion Flycatcher and a female/immature Orchard Oriole were both at Holy Cross Cemetery off Market Street. Reporting Orchards in this plumage at this time of year requires caution, as there are still a number of juvenile Hooded Orioles lingering about, which have shortish bills. This bird at Holy Cross seemed to fit the bill for a true Orchard.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego