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a correction to my report yesterday of a Nazca booby on North Island

Yesterday I reported a Nazca booby sitting with gulls on the North Island Ammunition Pier in San Diego Bay.
I assumed it was the same bird that was photographed sprawled on the adjacent beach area on August 26.

However, Marilyn Dudley wrote to tell me that that distressed bird had been rescued on Tuesday by Seaworld, but was too emaciated and dehydrated to survive.

So the bird I saw was a different individual.
And I, coming off a long and very choppy trip and thinking about little else except getting back to the solidity of land, did not look at it carefully enough to determine if it was a Masked or a Nazca.

So, change the observation to the undetermined category, Masked/Nazca booby.

Stan Walens, San Diego
August 31, 2019; 2:05 pm
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports