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a bunch of miscellanea, incl. Gray & Western Flys, Cassin’s & Plumbeous Vireos, Lesser Yellowlegs

12:42 pm

On Friday the 1st, the Gray Flycatcher, Western Flycatcher, and Summer Tanager all continued in the northeast corner of Balboa Park. A Nashville Warbler is back for its third winter in South Park, in tipus along Fern near Date, along with a B-t Gray. A Western Tanager is in Old Trolley Barn Park in University Heights–a male that has been returning there for well over 5+ years.
Saturday, the 2nd, a Lesser Yellowlegs (w/ 3 Greaters) at the upper end of Sweetwater Reservoir was very rare there at this time of year, given that just 1 or 2 are found annually at this season and typically only around South San Diego Bay/TRV. Also at Sweetwater, the mixed goose flock continues, with 1 Snow, 8 Greater White-fronted, 5 Cackling (4 minima, 1 Aleutian), and 135 Canadas. A few Barn Swallows with the Trees. A Cassin’s Vireo continues (since 20 Nov) along the Sweetwater River near the 805 crossing. A Plumbeous Vireo continues (since Oct) in Friendship Park in Chula Vista. A multiple-year returning Wilson’s Warbler is along the east edge of the San Diego Country Club in Chula Vista. A female Summer Tanager and a Western Tanager are in Hilltop Park.
–Paul Lehman, San Diego