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5MR Circle thoughts

I have been doing the 5 Mile Radius thing since the 1st of the year and it's a lot of fun.  It got me thinking where is the best address to get the most species in the county within a 5 mile Radius?

In my opinion it would be either in Chula Vista West of 805 like near 3rd ave and Oxford, or maybe in Mission Valley slightly west of 163 and near I-8.
With Chula Vista you would get Seacoast Dr, Nestor, Hollister, ,Poggi greenbelt, but you would be too far west for Otay Lakes.
With Mission Valley you would get Robb Field, Famosa Slough, Balboa Park etc.  
I also got to thinking about really prized birding areas like Portal AZ, Madera Canyon AZ etc. and realized I don't think you can get to really high bird counts without a coastline with sea birds.  I wonder if the SE AZ bird counts wouldn't be lower than the ones near the Pacific coastline here in the county.
If anyone more familiar with the County Bird population could give their opinion I'm sure a lot of us would find it interesting.
-Roger Uzun
Poway CA (Near Iron Mtn, 67 species in 5MR so far.)

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports