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Monthly Archives: April 2024

Franklin Gull continues at Penasquitos Lagoon mouth 4/28

5:55 pm

Between 3pm and 4:45 pm today, an adult breeding-plumaged Franklin’s Gull was seen with loafing gulls, terns and pelicans inside the mouth to Penasquitos Lagoon, Torrey Pines St. Beach.  This is likely the same bird reported by Alex Abela on 26 April, and maybe the same as that seen by Shouqin Huo on 15 April  along the beach south of here.   A great year for Franklin’s Gull sightings!    Sue
Susan Smith 
Seiurus Biological Consulting

Del Mar, CA 

Susan Smith
Seiurus Biological Consulting
Del Mar, CA

Miscellaneous including Franklin’s update

8:55 am

Around 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning, presumably the same lingering Franklins Gull that had been in the east arm of Lower Otay Lake is now swimming around with Bonapartes in the north arm as viewed from along Wueste Road. Clearly the birds move around various parts of the lake. Earlier this morning there’s a calling Ridgways Rail at the top end of Sweetwater Reservoir, which I believe is the first record for Sweetwater and adds another new inland locale for this species. A seawatch yesterday at La Jolla was pretty uneventful though there were moderate numbers of Sooty Shearwaters feeding close to shore early on.

Paul Lehman, San Diego 

Franklin’s gulls continue at Lower Otay Lake eastern arm

7:54 am

At least one adult, but there could be one or two more. More or less at the same place seen yesterday by Matt S. and several others, on the eastern arm of the lake, viewable from overlooks/pullouts along Otay Lakes Rd. The one verified adult today has been cruising back and forth over the eastern arm. Note also that there are about 15 Bonaparte’s Gulls present.

Steve Lima
Rancho Bernardo