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Monthly Archives: October 2021

Presidio Park Pewee continuing 10/31

After about 2 hrs of searching I relocated the now latest record WEWP in SD at 10:45am, sallying from a snag down the hill from the olive trees and Mormon Battalion memorial, almost to the Witches Tower (32.7586223, -117.1942651) which seems appropriate for the date. It was there for about 30 mins before going back to its original favorite snags near the Tommy Getz bench. (32.7577403, -117.1926833) Also heard the continuing Summer Tanager calling pituk a few times from the canyon below the bench. Nathan FrenchHillcrest

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at Solana Highlands School and Park

A  Yellow-bellied Sapsucker adult male appeared in Tipuana tipu  trees at the Solana Highlands Park/Elementary school this morning, ~ 9 am  30 Oct. Weekends and non-school days are the best time to check this area.  This school is at 3520 Long Run Dr, SD. Eve Martin and Rob Farber soon joined me and later so did Dan King, who proceeded to also find a Red-breasted Sapsucker in the same area, and alerted us to that bird. 

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Susan Smith 
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— Susan SmithSeiurus Biological ConsultingDel Mar, CA

Saturday Highlights 10/30

The late Western Wood-Pewee was still at Presidio Park this morning, in a different area across the road and down the hill from the olive trees. (32.7583931, -117.1942269) No sign of the Summer Tanager though. also checked the west side of Balboa Park for the Greater Pewee with no luck, but found a Blackpoll Warbler as a consolation. The BLPW was in a euc west of the sidewalk north of Juniper Road that has tipus on both sides around 11:45am (32.7298581, -117.1587044) FrenchHillcrest

Presidio Park WEWP and SUTA continuing 10/29

The late lingering Western Wood-Pewee was in the same general area I found it a couple of days ago. Female Summer Tanager also made another brief appearance. I can’t edit photos till later as there is a Zoom mediation happening in our shared office, so you’ll just have to take my word for now. More info and photos eventually: FrenchHillcrest

Fiesta Island longspur

At 9:30 this morning (10/29/21) a LAPLAND LONGSPUR was present in the Fiesta Island dog run.  It was in the north section (north of the eucs) loosely associated with horned larks.                                  Jim Roberts

Stonewall Mine

The Williamson’s Sapsucker was seen briefly this morning. Located by following its call to the fenced area near the old cabin. This would be west and north of the bathrooms. This is actually the same area where Sara and others reported it the other day. Also seen was the Zone-tailed hawk which put in a nice show over the parking lot. As we were leaving the area, the ZTHA was sitting on a pole north of the lake area, but before the turn to Sunrise Highway.Nancy ChristensenRamonaA bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song.Chinese Proverb

Santee Lakes Blackburnian Warbler, Jacumba 8 Harris’s Hawks and Summer Tanager

On Friday morning, visiting Sacramento birder Steve Abbott has photographed yet another Blackburnian Warbler in the county, this one at Santee Lakes. They had the bird in sycamores over the gazebo that is just north of the general store at Lake #5.I am spending Friday morning at Jacumba, where all eight Harris’s Hawks are still accounted for, although today they were back early in the morning along the northern edge of town, where they originally were back in September. But they didn’t last too long and after that they disappeared. The other highlight in town today is an adult male Summer Tanager. The male Vermilion flycatcher continues at the pond, and American Robin numbers have increased some more. The usual pair of Scott’s Orioles.Paul Lehman, San DiegoSent from the all new AOL app for Android