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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Villa La Jolla Plumbeous

This morning (1/12/21) at 9AM the wintering PLUMBEOUS VIREO was seen at Villa La Jolla Park.  Just east of the park along Villa Marin the wintering Red-breasted nuthatch was also seen.
                            Jim Roberts
                           University City

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

San Diego Field Ornithologists update

San Diego Field Ornithologists has monthly meetings which are currently being held via Zoom. Our speakers inform and educate us about bird-related topics. This month we are very pleased to welcome Alvaro Jaramillo, who will speak about “OMG – Is that a new species?”
More information can be found on this website:

About – San Diego Field Ornithologists | San Diego Field …

Members also receive the monthly electronic newsletter, "The Skimmer," which includes meeting information, monthly rare-bird summaries, and photos.
Membership dues are $25.00 for a singe membership and $35.00 for a household. Please contact me offline should you desire more information.
Barbara Carlson, SDFO Membership
San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

north county misc 1/11/21

This morning at San Elijo Lagoon, Steve Perry & Lori Chamberlain reported the continuing male Eurasian wigeon in the channel about midway across the basin to the NNE of Rios Ave, and one brant farther to the ENE (rare in N County despite very common on Mission & SD Bay).  Eve Martin & Rob Farber reported an immature yellow-crowned night-heron roosting in a palm on the channel shore WNW of the nature center.  At least one male greater scaup continued just east of the freeway.
One male and three female hooded mergansers continue in lower San Dieguito Park.  At upper San Dieguito Park, the continuing male black-throated gray warbler was seen but the Lucy's warbler was not re-found.
At least one of the female vermilion flycatchers continues at the west end of the pastures scope-able from the Rancho Santa Fe Plaza/Firenze Restaurant parking lot NW of La Bajada bridge.
At least one female yellow-headed blackbird continues among the red-winged & starling flock SW of the intersection of Via de la Valle and Calzada del Bosque, shifting back & forth between the utility lines & the freshly turned portions of the ag fields.  This afternoon, very few Canada geese were visible in the San Dieguito Rd horse pastures & none at the polo or soccer fields; no snow or white-fronted were re-found.
R. Patton
San Diego, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Plumbeous, 2 Hooded Orioles, 2 Summers, 2 more Nashvilles (record total), Pink-sided

Later yesterday, the 10th, I added another "Pink-sided" Junco–at Point Loma Nazarene Univ.–as well as yet another Wilson's Warbler in Point Loma residential (#28 for the winter in county) and yet another Nashville Warbler, on Yonge Street on Point Loma.

Today, the 11th, on private property in Chula Vista, there was a Plumbeous Vireo, a female Hooded Oriole, 2 Summer Tanagers (together), 4 Western Tanagers, and yet another Nashville Warbler, which brings this winter's NAWA total in the county to 21 individuals (!!), a new record (previous record was 16 birds in winter 2017-2018) . And then in residential Lincoln Park yet another female Hooded Oriole. Just 1 Western Tanager at Mount Hope Cemetery. It does seem that wintering orioles, tanagers, and scarce warblers really like the area between South San Diego and the border!

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

North Clairemont Recreation Area 1-10-2021

On Saturday 1-10-2021 the yellow-bellied sapsucker, red-breasted sapsucker, hepatic tanager, and dusky-capped flycatcher all continued.  The YBSA, HETA were in the two large Eucalyptus trees directly east of the tennis courts.  The DCFL was also east of the tennis courts but was found in the drainage area behind the closest house.  The RBSA was observed in the pine trees just south of the tennis courts.

Brandon Stidum
Normal Heights
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

White throated sparrow, pink-sided & gray- headed and slate-colored juncos, Wilson's warbler glut

Sunday morning the White-throated sparrow continues since early November in residential Point Loma and likes to hang out with the white crowned sparrows that like the section along Silvergate between Warner and DuPont. This flock can be fairly sneaky and remain in cover for a large part of the time, so earlier in the morning is probably better than later in the day to look for it. It's a fairly good looking bird. Also in the neighborhood there was a Wilson's warbler at DuPont X Albion and a Slate- colored Junco at Albion X Charles and a Gray- headed junco along Charles between Silvergate and Catalina. This winter has already set by far a record for the number of Wilson's Warblers in the county, and I think the total is well into the upper 20s.

Yesterday in the central-southern part of Balboa Park there were three Western tanagers and an adult male Bullock's Oriole on the south side of the former Hall of Champions Sports Museum, in the blooming eucalyptus, and along the north edge of that same building there was a Pink-sided Junco as well as a cismontanus-type Slate colored X Oregon integrade. It has certainly been an excellent fall and early winter for all the scarce subspecies of Dark-eyed Junco in the county. Also one more Western Tanager at the international cottages.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Mergansers and Cackling goose Lake Cuyamaca 01/09/2021

Hello all,
There are currently 11 Mergansers (I am leaning towards Common but I am not sure. I don’t have a scope for better views. Definitely not Hooded Mergansers) and a Cackling Goose hanging out with the Canada Geese. I am still at the lake but will have a good ID on the mergansers when I study photos. I am sure about the Cackling Goose. But I have photos on the gooseThe mergansers are on the east side of lake. Scope views should be able to determine which Merganser they are. Just putting the word out in case anyone is in the area and would like to see these birds. Tomorrow is duck hunting so the mergansers may take off in the morning.

Terry Hurst
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Ramona birds

Common Mergansers – I checked Sutherland Reservoir yesterday, and saw 17, mostly females, mostly in the north part of the lake. I told Mel and Max, who went out right away, and they saw 16, all male, in the south part of the lake. So there are 20-30 Common mergs out there. Please note that the lake is closed, and you must use a scope from the road to see these birds.


Yellow-bellied Sapsucker – originally reported on Jan 2 for the Escondido CBC, I refound the bird on my third try. This is at the Nuevo Memorial Gardens on Ash Street (currently not a hotspot, but I will suggest it!). This adult male was in a small oak tree northeast of the circle driveway. If you are standing near the vertical headstone of Geo T Hall and look downhill, you are looking at the correct tree.


Mountain Bluebirds – the large flock that had been at the dairy fields on the corner of Dye Rd and Laagerwort Dr seems to have dispersed. The farmer had been spreading manure on those fields, and there had been a good-sized flock of MOBI. However, the field has now been disked, and the attraction is over. The few bluebirds we saw flew in from the actual dairy, which is distant and mostly out of view.


Rangeland Rd – yellow-headed blackbirds continue, but the many hundreds of blackbirds out there disperse widely, and sometimes you see no blackbirds of any type. Mel and I saw three cackling geese and one snow goose fly in with the Canada goose flock. The wigeons have not been grazing close enough to even try looking for the Eurasian drake that was in the flock. We saw one Golden eagle on the distant hillside to the northeast, scope view only.


Nancy Christensen



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports