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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Lesser Yellowlegs – Los Penasquitos Canyon, west end

1:41 pm, Thursday, July 30th, 2020

Currently 2 Lesser Yellowlegs (adult and juvenile) accompanying a single greater in the pond near Sorrento Valley Blvd at the west end of Los Penasquitos Canyon. From the west parking lot it's about a 1/4 mile walk to the overlook.
Good Birding!
Jay Desgrosellier
San Diego, CA

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Baird's Sandpipers in Ramona

I checked the Ramona Pond this morning. There was a Red-necked Phalarope on the pond, and while trying to get a record photo of it I noticed two peeps on the shore. I believe they are Baird’s sandpipers. It was hot and there was a great deal of heat shimmer which made viewing them difficult, plus the great distance. The birds appeared leggy (longer legged than WESA), and elongated in the body. When they turned just right in the light, their heads were that funny buffy color that Bairds are, and the breast was also buffy. The backs were either spotted or scaled. I plan to go out late in the evening and take another look, but wanted to get the word out.


I also checked Sand Lake at Kit Carson Park. Water levels quite high – no little island in the middle. There was one spotted sandpiper in alternate plumage, but no other shorebirds.


Nancy Christensen



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3 Solitary Sandpipers at Lindo Lake, Thursday

Late morning on Thursday there are THREE Solitary Sandpipers at the rapidly drying up east basin of Lindo Lake. All are adults. Also a juvenile Spotted Sandpiper continuing, and two juvenile Least Sandpipers, and at least one continuing Cattle Egret. And because somebody will obviously bring this up….No, even though there are three of them, they are still "Solitary" Sandpipers…

Yesterday at the salt works I saw my first JUVENILE Red-necked Phalarope of the season, right on time.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

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Re: Solitary Sandpiper

Hi everyone, I stopped by Lindo LakeoLake my way out of work today and did not see the Solitary Sandpiper. There is, however, a non-breeding Spotted Sandpiper there now (no spots!) so use caution. I can't say for sure if the Solitary is still around or not but I did not see it in its usual area.

Andrew Newmark
Hillcrest, San Diego CA
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Re: Famosa Slough, Tricolored heron, etc.

     I went to Famosa Slough this morning but did not find the
Tricolored Heron.  There was a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron at the
north end of the north channel, for a total of six heron/egret

Sara Mayers
Point Loma (San Diego)
On 7/28/2020 3:25 PM, Sally M. Gall via wrote:

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Unusual Woodpecker

Good Day,

Sorry for the late post, I have been super busy and almost forgot. Monday July 27,2020 I was playing basketball at Mast Park (Santee/9125 Carlton Hulls Blvd) when I saw a woodpecker fly over. It was DEFINITELY a woodpecker shape and the flight pattern was about three wing flaps followed by a glide. The bird flew from the southeast towards the northwest over the basketball court about 20’ high and landed in a large tree just across from the restroom. Close to where the red-shoulder hawk usually hangs out. The bird definitely had red on the breast/belly area and “appeared” to have a green sheen to the back/wings. It was between 6 pm and sunset, so the bird was backlit. My initial impression was a Lewis woodpecker. I can not confirm, but I am putting out the info in case someone else is in the area and wanted to take a gander. I understand this is an unusual place and time for the bird, and am more than happy if someone locates the bird and corrects me!

Good Birding and stay safe,

Anthony “TooFly” Fife
La Mesa, Ca

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Re: Neotropic Cormorant at Morrison Pond

When we got to the pond this morning (July 29, 7:00 a.m.) we saw one of the cormorants flying east bound towards Sweetwater Reservoir, and the other cormorant flying west bound, going towards Sweetwater River. Even though they are both gone at the moment, they may come back later today.
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Neotropic Cormorant at Morrison Pond

Thanks to Jeff Spaulding for posting his  NECO sighting. I happened to check my email seconds after he posted, and since Morrison Pond is only a mile or so from where I live, I was quickly at pond-side,  where I found his two birds with a juvenile Double-crested Cormorant on the same branch for easy comparison. My first life bird in quite a while!

John Walters

Bonita, CA
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Neotropic Cormorants

At least 2 sitting in a tree on the south side of Morrison Pond in Bonita. Morrison Pond is at the intersection of Sweetwater and Briarwood Roads. Other cormorants present, but I haven't gotten a good look yet.

Jeff Spaulding
San Diego, CA
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