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Monthly Archives: April 2020


We birded again this morning in the same area in Monarch Hills and though we did not have a lot of birds like other areas the variety was nice.  The Tennessee Warbler returned and this time there were two.  We got pictures and will post on eBird.  Also saw Nashville, Orange-crowned & Yellow-rumped.  A Lazuli Bunting made a brief appearance, as did a Pac-slope, and the Western Tanagers, Black-headed Grosbeaks, Hooded Orioles were all there with what appears to be newly fledged young.  Wind picked up around 8 am along with traffic so we called it.
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Swainson's Hawk

This afternoon I had a Swainson's Hawk fly very high over my neighborhood

of Allied Gardens, just south of Mission Trails Regional Park. Distant photos
in this ebird report:
Looking back at my own reports in ebird, I realized I've seen exactly one from the yard
each spring for three years in a row. 
Christopher Adler
Allied Gardens

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kingbird migration

Friday   from around 1015 till at least now 1215   in coastal carlsbad and coastal leucadia there has been a big push of kingbirds   low flying   silent   moving north
biggest  push ive seen in 13 years  
stay safe

steve brad
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Male Calliope Hummingbird South Scripps Rannch

This morning (4/17/20) at 1130 we had a male Calliope Hummingbird at one of our hummingbird feeders in South Scripps Ranch (Bird Atlas square O-11).  This is the first Calliope I have seen in our yard in the over 30 years we have lived here.  Yard bird number 113.

Gary Grantham
Scripps Ranch
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Nashville continues

I birded the same spot in my neighborhood – Monarch Hills – this morning and the Nashville Warbler is still there.  I believe I may have seen a Tennessee as well.  Warbler size, shape and mannerisms but looked like a vireo in that it had a dark line through the eye.  It was stockier than a vireo and when it perched almost neck-less.  From underneath it was pale gray, almost white except for the tip of the short tail which was darker gray.  And the head was slightly darker gray.  I could not get a look at it's back as it was high in the Euc's the whole time before it was chased off by the Yellow-rump.  Otherwise I saw the Western Tanagers – male and female – along with hooded Oriole, Black-headed Grosbeaks, Wilson's Warbler and Orange-crowned Warblers.  Yesterday late I saw a Hermit Warbler down my hill.  And of note, we have nesting Barn Owls in our box with at least one baby for the fifth year in a row!  To date we have fledged about two per year.  Amazing for a box in the front yard on an urban street.
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Birding the neighborhood

I took a cue from other birders and got up this morning shortly after dawn to bird my neighborhood and look for migrants and other interesting birds.  It was lightly birdy.  I saw the following warblers – Nashville, Wilson's, Orange-crowned and Yellow-rumped.  There is a definite increase in Orange-crowned and they are particularly yellow.  Of the Yellow-rumped there were a few beautiful Audubon's.  I also saw a gorgeous male Western Tanager.  Unfortunately there was quite a bit of traffic and with everyone working from home these days there were lots of people about so I was constantly dodging both! 
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

help with Empid ID Rios Trailhead at San Elijo Lagoon, 4/14/2020 8am

Please see my ebird report for description and photos.

Small empid mostly gray, with strong wingbars on black wings. White edges to secondaries. Notched tail with white outer edges, I did not note tail pumping. Back appears to have some hint of green, but may also be due to reflection from vegetation. Large head, weak complete eyering. A little pale area on face between eye and bill. Could not discern whether bill was bicolored or just black. Photos appear to show all black. Did not call.

I saw 3 pacific slope flycatchers and a probable willow flycatcher in the same area (poor views of a brown Empid with brownish wing bars). This guy was noticeably grayer than the Ps-fly's.

Any IDs and pointers for what to look for in future are much appreciated.
Steve Perry
Solana Beach

Steve Perry
Solana Beach, CA
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Re: Male Calliope hummingbird in Hillcrest

Checklist including photos of the Calliope and what sure looks like a (continuing?) Rufous.  Two birders tried for this, but showed up after 11am, which is when the Calliope was last definitely seen.  I had one in early May of '18, and the same thing happened.  The combination of aggressive resident Allen's and migratory urge to head north made it a one day wonder.  If it shows up tomorrow morning, I'll post again.  We also had our FOS Western Tanager here, a male, but I was too slow to photograph it.

Tuck Russell

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