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Monthly Archives: December 2019

SDFO New Year's Day Pelagic

Hello all,

I hope your 2019 bird list ended with a some new birds and great adventures.
2020 is just around the corner. One way to kick start your 2020 list would be to join us for a short six hour boat ride offshore Wednesday, January 1st. 
We will be aboard the 75 ft. Legend, out of H&M Landing, on San Diego Bay. They have food a drinks onboard.
Departure time is a relaxed 8 a.m. Suggest you arrive about 7.a.m. Plenty of parking is available. ( including free parking, ask for details ).
The trip will return about 2 p.m.
Check in with Barbara Carlson, Nancy Christensen, or myself in front of the landing office.
Admittedly this is not the greatest time of year for seabirding locally, but we should pick up a nice mix of expected birds. Recent sightings from this year's  CBCs included all three species of loons, Good numbers of Black-vented Shearwater, Brown Booby,  all three species of coromants, Brown Pelicans, Pomarine  and Parasitic Jaegers, a Rhinoceros Auklet.  
A mix of five or six species of gulls. 
The San Diego count also had a Masked Booby! Is it still around ?
Then once in a rare while we get a total surprise. In 2016 we had a Marbled Murrelet on this trip. I wouldn't count on that one, but you never know.
Marine mammals are also expected. Recent sightings included Gray Whale, Bottle-nosed, Pacific White-sided, and Common Dolphin. Sea Lions and seals.
The weather forecast at this distance looks favorable.
So details:
Location H & M Landing, Point Loma on San Diego Bay (do not contact the landing this is a private charter).
Departure 8 a.m sharp we will board about 20 mins before departure (suggest 7.a.m. arrival).
Return about 2 p.m.
SDFO members and their guest are $45
Members (or if you'd like to join) may also pay their 2020 dues at this time. $25 single, $35 for a family.
I have a limited number of spots for non members at $65   ( reservations taken as checks payable to SDFO arrive, or you can take a chance on a spot being available early at the landing Wed. morning. Check or cash only. No credit cards.
Barbara Carlson
send checks
Barbara Carlson
11192 Portobelo Dr.
San Diego, Ca. 92124
I hope to see you there.
Happy New Year, and good birding to all,
Dave Povey

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Thanks for birding recommendations

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to share some of your favorite birding spots with me. I cant wait for sunrise!

Special chirp-out to Anthony Fife, Alison Hiers, Jim Beckman, and Terry Hurst.
Good birding to all,

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Recommendations for visit

Greetings birders,

I'm in San Diego for a few days, and tomorrow, before my non-birding friend arrives, I have an entire day to bird. I'm hoping for a few suggestions of spots to bird. Im happy to see your representative winter birds, and I'm not super keen on gulls or shorebirds species. I was considering the Tijuana Estuary, but if you had one day to bird SD, where would you go?
(La Grande, OR)

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Lake Murray Neotropic Cormorant, 12/26

The Lake Murray NECO is currently (9:30 am) sitting with 77 DCCO on the utility wire span across the northern portion of the lake (viewing with scope from Kiowa Dr entrance).
Jim Pawlicki
La Mesa

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Eurasion Wigeon, north Mission Bay, 25 Dec 2019

A nice drake Eurasion Wigeon (returning from last winter?) was in the Rose Creek channel, off the Bike Path bridge near De Anza Cove resort. The continuing Snow and Ross' Geese were a short ways east, near the other side of the resort.

Good Birding,

Paul Chad
University City
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Re: Cove, Dec 25

If I didn’t live so far away in Ramona I’d be down there shooting! A Kittiwake would be a life bird for me!

Don’t feel bad as no one responded to my Vesper Sparrow fest either. It’s rainy and it’s the holidays so that has much to do with it. I love reading your posts!

Iris Kilpatrick 

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Cove, Dec 25

Many birds
Multiple kittiwakes, jaegers, fulmars. Movement of hundreds of loons and scoters.
No Frigatebirds yet.

Stan Walens, San Diego
Dec 25, 2019; 7:10 am
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

new Painted Redstart (Tierrasanta)

On Christmas morning there is a new Painted Redstart in town, this one in Tierrasanta. Go east on Tierrasanta Blvd almost a mile past (east of) Santo Road to Tambor Road. A couple hundred yards or more past Tambor, on the right, is green-gated driveway that runs down to an electrical substation. The driveway is lined with thick, broad-leaved trees, and the bird came out to the closest trees at the gate in response to pishing. There is a "No Parking" sign at the gate, and the driveway is posted "No Trespassing," so access to better view the entire area of trees is LIMITED. Closest legal parking is back at Tambor. (This new bird is 1-1/2 miles from the previous wintering Tierrasanta Painted Redstart of a few years ago in W. Shepherd Canyon.) This site has also supported roosting wintering tanagers in past winters.

Speaking of "nearby birds," it is assumed that the Neotropic Cormorant recently seen by Jim P. et al. at Lake Murray is the same bird that has been frequenting the San Diego River, but that recent rains have probably forced the cormorants to feed in the calmer water of the lake versus the swifter, muddier water currently in the river. The plumages are the same, and the sites are quite close, as the cormorant flies. But if anyone wants to double-check that this is indeed the case….

–Paul Lehman, San Diego
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Vesper Sparrows

Today I spent several hours at Barnett Ranch Preserve
(located in Ramona off San Vicente Road) attempting to count the largest flock
of Vesper Sparrows I’ve ever seen! They are mixed in with large flocks of
Savannah and Lark Sparrows.  They are
easy to pick out but hard to photograph in groups because of the vegetation
they creep in and out of.  I spotted a
group of three on my right and another group of three on my left at the same
time so I saw six at one time but I’m sure the count is higher than that. I can
usually count birds from taking photographs in succession but this was not
possible due to the habitat. I did not make an eBird report because it’s a
record number at that location for this time of year and I want the count to be
verified and accurate.  So I’m putting
this shout out to the group. 

After parking your car in the parking lot at Barnett Ranch, walk
up Deviney Lane (the paved road) 0.2 miles to where it insects the Valley View
Trail, a very wide dirt trail.  Do not
hike any further!  At that intersection
there is a closed pasture gate and a large rock pile in the pasture. The
pasture is not part of the preserve. The sparrows forage along Deviney Lane and
often land on the barbed wire fencing, the fence posts or on the rock pile
where they are easy to photograph.  I got
great photos. Counting them is another matter entirely.

Later I walked the entire loop (the Rattlesnake trail)
looking for the male and female Harrier that hunt in the meadows there and
found both of them.  A few days ago I
came upon a small group of California Quail drinking at the pond.

Iris Kilpatrick
Ramona, CA

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports