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2019 ibis photo

The link to the eBird checklist with the photo of the 2019
Glossy-looking Ibis (the first ibis photo) is:

On my computer screen, the bird looks fine for Glossy except that
perhaps the facial stripes look just off-whitish and lack the
light cobalt-blue tinge typical of breeding Glossy. However, I've
photographed/video'd Glossy Ibis is CA and AZ which looked bluish
in the field but then some of my video/photos washed out the blue
and it looked whitish.
Andrew Newmark did some further
fiddling with this one photo and came up with some possible colors
that might suggest the bird is a hybrid. See below (I hope the
photo is still appended here). So, in any case, we have asked the
photographer if she still has any addiotional photos of the bird.
As Andrew states in his message,
if anyone out there has ibis photos from the Safari Park in 2019,
please look through them!

I zoomed in and lightened the shadows
on the first photo from that March checklist and although there�s
an obvious loss of quality that eye has a pretty pink shine to it
along with a reddish hue on the face. Am I missing out on some
field marks or is this coloration within range for a Glossy? I�ve
only seen Glossy once in Florida so I�m not super familiar with
them and I�m curious because I have well over 100 photos of these
guys from the Safari Park from the last 5 years I think I�ll start
looking through.



Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports