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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Chestnut-sided Warbler, Santee Lakes

Birded Santee Lakes Sunday morning 9/23/18.  A Chestnut-sided Warbler was seen on the east side of the campground at about the latitude of the northern end of Lake 6.  The bird had no chestnut coloring, so likely a first Fall female.  All gray and white below with no patterns or markings, white undertail coverts, 2 prominent wingbars with yellowish/greenish tint, faint eye ring and green upperparts. Posed a few times with tail up and wings down.  Heard a few chips, somewhat like a Yellow Warbler.  The bird was first seen in a mulberry tree that overhangs the main road on the east side of the park and worked its way into the campground to the west.  Also saw a Least Bittern on an island in Lake 5.

Jeremiah Stock
Santee, CA
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

additional details regarding today's Dickcissel

Hi all,

I wanted to provide some additional details about the Dickcissel seen today (22 Sep 2018) at Fiesta Island. I was first alerted to the presence of this bird by its distinctive call note. I was standing under the Eucalyptus trees in the central part of the dog run, and heard the Dickcissel call about five times starting at 910 am. I know this call from birding in Texas in migration; flight calls on Xeno-Canto sound exactly like what I heard. I moved out from under the trees to the west to see if I could see the bird. I looked for about a minute before spotting it on an exposed branch near the top of the tree. Unfortunately I was able to get a only a brief, side-view look at the Dickcissel before it took flight. I thus was unable to obtain a photo. This bird appeared fairly bright. I did see that it had a yellowish upper breast and a rusty shoulder.


I watched the Dickcissel fly west but soon lost sight of it. I spent about 30 min walking around the northern part of the dog run to see if I could relocate it but did not. Hopefully it will come back.


I saw little else of note this morning out there. There were small numbers of Savannah Sparrows and Horned Larks.






Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Townsend’s Solitaire yes. Clark’s Nutcrackers no. Mt Laguna Saturday 9/22

Hello all,

I was there from around 7:00 to 11:45 and did not see or hear the previous reported Clark’s Nutcrackers. Maybe others had better luck then I did. I was with Barbara Carlson when we both saw the Townsend’s Solitaire. It was found on the west side of the trail where the trail meets the road north of the pump house.
Terry Hurst

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Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Various locs – Tropical Kingbirds, Dickcissel, Sep 21–22, 2018

This morning Sep 22, 2018 at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery not too birdy.  A showy TROPICAL KINGBIRD near the main entrance in Ficus tree tops and tallest palm tree tops. It was associating with one Cassin's Kingbird. No vocalizations heard but large billed individual. If anyone hears it call please let us know.  Also in the southwest corner a cooperative "Least" Bell's Vireo showed itself.
Yesterday September 21, 2018 I received nice photos, and an audio recording, of a TROPICAL KINGBIRD in Chula Vista, found and documented by Susan Yamagata. It was on utility lines near the junction of 1st Ave. and Sierra Way, a block from the golf course on L St.
Also reported today September 22, 2018 a DICKCISSEL on Fiesta Island, Mission Bay in the large eucalyptus trees in center of dog run area. Last heard calling, and flying off west, by finder David Holway at 0910.

Gary Nunn
you can find me on twitter,

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Tennessee Warbler at Kimball Park and various continuing birds

I had a Tennessee Warbler at Kimball Park in National City this morning (9/22/18). It was in the NW corner of the park, in a large tipu tree (the largest tipu in the area) near the bathroom. There was around five Yellow Warblers in the same tree which made keeping track of the Tennessee rather tough — I didn't get any meaningful pictures. The park overall was quite birdy. I'm surprised this park isn't birded more as it's one of the larger urban parks, has good habitat, and has had a few notable birds in the past. Anyway, definitely a park worth poking around in if anybody wants to burn some time looking for something new.

In the Tijuana River Valley, the Northern Waterthrush continued at the stick pond and the female American Redstart continued at the Bird and Butterfly Garden. I had no ground-doves while I was there. 

The Blackpoll Warbler at El Camino Memorial Park was easy to see at about 10am. Right where others have reported it.

Ryan Andrews
Valley Center
Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports

Broad-winged Hawk at Cabrillo 9/22

A lightly marked juvenile Broad-winged Hawk went over Cabrillo NM about 15 mins ago (1100) initially heading SW towards lighthouse and then turning back N. Last seen heading due NNE towards east side of FRNC.
Jim Pawlicki
La Mesa, CA

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Black-and-white Warbler Villa La Jolla Park

This morning 9/22/18 there was a Black-and-white Warbler in the north-east corner of Villa La Jolla Park. The park was generally birdy, but nothing else of note. 
Nicole Desnoyers/Justyn Stahl
North Park

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More on Clark's Madness @ Mt Laguna

Went up to Mt Laguna along with several other birders this morning (Friday Sept 21) to try and get some Clark's photos.  Several Clark's Nutcrackers were present, got some photos but nothing really good.  Did get some good feeding video though.  The birds that showed up just after 10AM were feeding on the pine cones @ the trees near the pumphouse for a while.

Also present were Willow Flycatchers, Mountain Chickadees, Spotted Towhee, Steller's Jays, Scrub Jays, Hairy Woodpeckers, Northern Flickers, Acorn Woodpeckers, Western Wood Pewee's, Dark Eyed Junco, Lazuli Buntings and a Sharp-Shinned Hawk that kept a lot of birds away for a good half hour.
The White-Crowned Sparrows have begun to arrive in force now @ my house in Poway.  I imagine they have been here a while but this is the first day I noticed them.  
-Roger Uzun
Poway CA

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports