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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Re: RFBO 8/22

I stopped by on my bike ride this morning about 7:30.  The Liberty was not there, as expected.  No sign of the booby on other boats.  
Eric Kallen

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RFBO 8/22

About 15 birders anxiously awaited the return of the Liberty at Fisherman's Landing this evening. It docked about 8:00 without the RFBO aboard who had flown.

Jan Nordenberg
San Diego

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Re: Oriole Migration in San Diego County

I’m not sure which of the San Diego occurring orioles you’re referring to, presumably Hooded Oriole, but their occurrence and any other migration/breeding/wintering question you have can probably be answered by referencing the San Diego County Bird Atlas. The species accounts are all listed here:

Justyn Stahl
North Park (although currently home in Alton, IL)

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Oriole Migration in San Diego County

Does anyone know when Orioles leave San Diego County?  I still have a few around here but they seem to be mostly juveniles and it's a remnant population compared to 2-3 weeks ago.

What is the latest recorded Oriole presence in the county?  Don't a few stay here all year around, like down near Balboa Park or Nestor areas?  Seems I recall seeing them there in the winter in the past, but I could be mistaken.
I made a video of the local rarities of the past week, painted bunting, red-footed booby etc –
Some oriole and friends photos from Poway today –
-Roger Uzun
Poway CA

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Give me Liberty and/or give me RFBO

F  everyone’s  I:  
       Regarding the presumptive return of the stow-away booby this evening: 
       I went to the website that Justyn provided, and it only gives sailing and return times for upcoming trips, but just for everyone’s information all trips of the Liberty starting tomorrow (8-23) for the rest of August are posted as returning at 5 p.m., not 7:30. 
       I called the Tp number provided and asked about its return time today (8-22), and the person there said “they had not called in yet” (that was at 4:20), but in response to my next question, he said that if they were returning at 5 p.m., he thought they would have called in already to say they were on their way and give an ETA (I guess that’s some kind of regulation).  So I’m assuming (only an assumption) that they will be returning this evening at 7 – 7:30-ish. 
       If anyone can provide better intel than this regarding this evening (Wed.), please hit “reply”. 
Phil Pryde

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I'm certainly no expert with regarding to tracking fishing boats, but this (and all?) sport fishing boat has a schedule viewable online: 

Their phone number is: (619) 221-8500

I would suggest folks direct questions regarding the ship's schedule to the boat or landing itself to reduce the amount of call-and-response emails about the Liberty's whereabouts. Just my two cents.

Justyn Stahl
North Park

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Does anyone know if the Liberty has gone out to sea today (Wed.), and if so, will it returning about 7 – 7:30 tonight? 
Phil Pryde
San Diego

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Re: Red -footed Booby still on board Liberty.

I went and saw the Red-footed Booby tonight as well. I got to the dock around 7:00-7:10 and they were still unloading fish/fisherman were still getting off. Once everyone was off, I walked down the dock and asked if I could go on board to see the booby and was graciously allowed on. Others were already there at that point and around 10 of us were looking at it when I left. Apparently it has spent essentially all of the past four days on or around the boat, day and night. It disappeared for about an hour today to circle other boats but returned to the Liberty. One of the deckhands said it's been fighting off other boobies that try to land/forage near the boat as well. 

Ryan Andrews
Valley Center
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Update requested – [SanDiegoRegionBirding] Red footed Booby on liberty

Has anyone been in touch with the Liberty’s captain or had a recent update on the whereabouts of the Red-footed Booby?  I’m heading into the city for tonight’s SDFO meeting but want a shot at seeing the booby if it’s still around.


Rachel MacNutt

Garcia and Associates | 516 Civic Center Drive | Oceanside | California | 92054

mobile: 904-866-5149

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