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2 T.K.’s, pugetensis, swallows & swifts

On Tuesday the 19th, a new Tropical Kingbird was along Saturn Avenue in the TRV, whereas a continuing, likely returning, T.K. was in the Dairy Mart area. An adult pugetensis White-crowned Sparrow, very rare in the county, was in Coronado. And as is often the case following Oct/Nov cold fronts, there were plenty of swifts and swallows over the TRV today and which included the clockwork Violet-green Swallows (10+) under such conditions and timing, as well as 20+ Barns, some 200 White-throated Swifts, and 1 typical-departure-date Vaux’s Swift. Reddish Egret continues at the J Street/Marina Parkway mudflats. A count of 305 Royal Terns at the saltworks was high, but only 5 Elegants amongst them.–Paul Lehman, San Diego