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2 Palm Warblers, new Gray Fly, low Bullock's

The past two days, Friday and Saturday, I've had a couple new Palm warblers in the Carlsbad area. One is a returning bird back for its second year that is on private property near the Omni La Costa resort. But the other bird is publicly accessible in a aesthetic hotspot of a parking lot for a bunch of corporate office buildings next to Legoland right off Palomar Airport Road. The streets that run through this corporate park are Armada and Fleet, and you're looking for the Jenny Craig headquarters buildings and the bird was in the tipu trees at the east edge of the parking lot east of the Jenny Craig buildings. Farther east you leave the parking lot and you would see then the entrance road to Legoland just east of that. Probably best to visit this area either very early in the morning or on weekends when not busy with workers. Also today on Saturday I had a Gray Flycatcher along the northeast side of Bataquitos Lagoon along Hummingbird Road between Egret Street and Rock Dove Street!! There is a large horse pasture and paddock area easily visible from the road here and the flycatcher was frequenting the fenceline with the thick wooden posts that's right close to the road. The bird was working up and down the fence line at about 9:45 this morning. Also I've had a Nashville and a black throated grey and a Bullock's Oriole and 4 yellow warblers. Speaking of Bullock's Orioles, I've only seen a grand total of 3 individuals all of December, in the county which is a decidedly low total, and nobody else seems to be finding very many this winter either, with only two or three other birds in the county that I am aware of. interesting that the Western tanagers are doing well but the Bullock's Orioles are not.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports