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2 imm Lesser Black backed Gulls, Hooded Oriole, Black- and-white, miscellaneous other wintering landbirds

On Thursday the 17th, , accompanied by Barbara Wise and Alison Davies, at Lower Otay Lake, around the boat launch area, there are two different immature Lesser Black backed Gulls, one a first cycle that is likely a continuing bird and the other a new second-cycle bird. Also one first-cycle "Thayer's" Gull and three Glaucous-wingeds and about 40 Herrings and one adult male Common Goldeneye. Earlier this morning there was a female-type Hooded Oriole in the northeast corner of Berry Park off Leon Avenue in Nestor, and at Nestor Park, upper end, there were continuing Black-and-white Warbler, Black-throated Gray warbler, Wilson's warbler, and Western Tanager.

Yesterday, the 16th, in the Chula Vista area there was a new immature male Summer Tanager and Western Tanager and yet another Nashville Warbler, a Wilson's warbler, and two Black-throated Gray warblers.

Paul Lehman, San Diego

Source: SanDiegoRegionBirding Latest Reports